Well, it's that time of year again - time to give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened, and also time to start thinking about all of the upcoming events! If you're planning on saying congratulations in French, this guide will show you just how to do it with perfect pronunciation. Plus, you can also listen to the audio pronunciation for a more immersive experience!

How to Say "congratulations" in French

When you want to tell someone that you’re happy for them, you can say congratulations in French. Here is a guide with audio pronunciation to help you say this polite word correctly. 

To say “congratulations,” you need to first introduce yourself. You would say:

« Bonne chance! » (pronounced "bohn-nuh Chance")

This means “good luck!” If the person receiving the congratulations is older than you, it may be customary to add an expression of appreciation such as « merci ! » (pronounced "mehr-see").

When to Say "congratulations" in French

Congrats on your new job!

Je suis très heureux de t’annoncer que tu as atteint ta nouvelle carrière.

Thank you for getting that promotion! Wow, great news!

Telling someone they've won

Comment ça va? or Comment ça va? (ãk ‘chah vah) in French is the perfect way to say "congratulations" when you want to express your joy and happiness for someone's success. 

Here are three examples with audio pronunciation of how to say "congratulations" in French:  

Example 1: Marc a gagné! (marh kuh njehv) - Marc has won! 

Example 2: Je suis heureux pour vous! (zhuh sai yuhp poo var) - I'm happy for you! 

Example 3: Merci beaucoup! (muhrse bie kaoo) - Thank you very much!

When to Thank Someone for Something

Whether you received congratulations in person or over the phone, here are 4 French ways to say "congratulations" that will leave a lasting impression.

Other Possibilities for Saying "congratulations" in French

One alternative to saying "congratulations" in French is "merci." "Merci" can also mean "thank you" or "you're welcome," so it's a polite way to say congratulations. To say "merci" in French, say "mercjou." For example, if someone says they're happy for you and you reply with "merci," you would say, "Je te remercie pour ton confiance." If someone says they are happy for you and you don't know how to reply, simply say "je ne sais pas comment dire ça."


Congrats on your new job! Here is a guide with audio pronunciation of the French word for 'congratulations': Bonne nouvelle!